conference for code and design

Freiheizhalle Munich

Sat. 15th October 2011


About decoded conference

The decoded conference stands for the combination of design and code. It combines creative and technological aspects of our everyday life and brings them all together on a one day kick ass event in the heart of Munich. International speakers from the field of generative design, computational art, information visualization and hardware tinkering are teaming up to share some insights of their work and tell their very own stories.

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  • Nice conference in an awesome location. Maybe too much breaks and a little expensive for students.
  • Good conference. Thought Prof. Franke seems to bee a bit fallen out of time.
  • Nice and friendly staff, interesting and competent speakers. Starting time wasn’t really made clear in program schedule…
  • I am enjoying the conference. Interesting talks and different prespectives. Good job!
  • I like that inspiration stuff a lot. Please go on to provide people with.
  • This is one of the best ran design/code festivals I have been to and such a great event deserves to be a bit bigger and cover two days.
  • Thanks for such a great event! Good idea to open it for international speakers - keep going.
  • Very inspirational and very interesting speakers. For next year it would be amazing to incorporate a workshop idea as well.
  • Participating from Denmark, the decision to switch to english is highly appreciated. Thanks for a great conference!
  • Amazing event! Thanks guys - see you next time again.
  • The venue location perfect. Unnecessary 15 minutes breaks between talks. No public WiFi. Otherwise thumbs up.
  • Interesting topics, showing design and code from different perspectives. Not that I agree on all of the speakers, but you are doing a nice attempt.
  • Well organised, good location, interesting, inspiring talks.
  • Great lineup, wish I knew German to understand Prof. Frankes talk. Enjoyed Fluid Forms talk a lot and looking forward for the last 2 talks.
  • The conference is awesome, even though I’m completely lost here I’m having a lot of fun.
  • More information on the background of the projects (especially coding). Good structure. Much information about workflow.
  • I could‘t understand the lecture of Prof. Herbert W. Franke, but I appreciated the projects of Stephen Williams and Kate Hartman!
  • Great Talks from great selection of speakers!
  • Looking forward to world domination next year, nice opening speech. Englisch is great - but all speakers should speak it.
  • Breaks a while long for 1 track. Nice vanity, great projects/inspiration. Well done!
  • I wished people would not tell what they have done rather how they did it.
  • Interesting and really nice. Good inspiration for further work.
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